Car Park Attendant /Utility Officer


1.         Job Function

The Car Park Attendant is responsible for directing employees and visitors in parking lot.  All activities must conform to organizational guidelines and standards and to all legal requirements.

2.         Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1.         Directs drivers to available parking spaces


2.         Ensures that unauthorized vehicles are not parked in reserved parking spaces


3.         Patrols parking lot to guard against theft and/or vandalism


4.         Regulates vehicle traffic to maintain an orderly flow


5.         Informs Maintenance Supervisor of any remedial work t o be done or areas to be cleaned in the parking lot


6.         Watches for and reports any property damage or irregularities such as fire hazards and leaking water pipes


7.         Reports on any incidents or accidents in the parking lot


8.         Observes departing personnel to guard against theft of company property

3.         Personal Attributes

·         Attentive

·         Intuitive

·         Pro-active

4.         Qualifications and Experience

·         3 CXC passes including English and Mathematics

·         Four (4) years experience in a similar position

·         Valid Driver’s Permit will be an asset

5.         Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

·         Good communication skills

·         Able to work with little supervision

Kindly submit all resumes to :

Deadline for submission : Thursday 15th March, 2018 

For further information , please contact The Human Resource Department at 625-4282 ext. 307/ 308 




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