Job Title:  Dispensing Optician (CERTIFIED) 


Job Summary:

The Dispensing Optician’s job is to ensure that Clients receive excellent quality dispensing services in keeping with professional standards.


Reports To:

The Head Dispensing Optician.  Performance Review to be done by the Head Dispensing Optician.


Supervises: N/A


Interacts With:

Other Dispensing Opticians, Dispensing Assistants, Optometrists, Branch Administrators, CSRs, Frame Stock Room, Lens Stock Room, Lab, Patients.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • ABOC, FBDO, or Canadian Registered Dispensing Optician Qualification.
  • Local Registration
  • Flexibility to work at different rostered practices
  • Excellent team player
  • Strong oral communication skills
  • Highly motivated and ability to work with minimum supervision, as needed
  • Prior experience in a dispensing environment will be an asset.


Equipment/ Machinery Uses:

Focimeter, PD Ruler, PD Meter, Frame Warmers, Screwdrivers, Adjustment pliers, drills, Lens surface and thickness gauges, miscellaneous tools.











Essential Responsibilities

Performance Expectations


Liaises with the Optometrist and other Opticians where necessary, to ensure that the optical needs of the clients are effectively addressed.


Prescriptions must be accurately interpreted and special patient needs understood.  Any ambiguity on the prescription must be cleared up with the prescriber before making recommendations.




Ensures that the most suitable lenses and frames have been selected for the client, based on lifestyle, facial analysis, prescription analysis and aesthetics.



Selected frame should be compatible with the prescription, lens material and should be aesthetically suitable.  Thorough probing and discussions on the patient’s vocation should be done before lens selection is made.




Recommends tints and special coatings to patients in accordance to their eye care needs, lifestyle, prescriptions and frame.


A thorough knowledge of available tints and special coatings and their benefits should be obtained.  These should be explained to the patients so that the right selection is made.



Edits all Rx and job cards to ensure accuracy and to state special instructions to the Lab.


Ensure job order forms are legible and thoroughly written up and instructions for Lab clear.  Each form should be edited for completeness and accurate pricing.  Confirm order with patients before sending to the Lab.



Ensures that all jobs returned from the Lab, conform to the requirements stated on the job card and that the workmanship is of the highest standard.


Jobs returning from the Lab should be checked against the job card for workmanship, accuracy in prescription and completeness before the promise date for patients.  Job cards should be initialed upon checking.




Takes facial and frame measurements of patients, these include PD, Seg height, A,B and ED dimension of frames in accordance with the patient’s prescription and Lab requirements.



Accurate measurements should be taken at all times.



Educates patients and customers on the care and proper use of eyewear. 


Patients should be instructed on the use, care and maintenance of their spectacles and follow up services available.












Adjusts spectacles and sunglasses to ensure a comfortable fit for patients.







Examines frames and recommends the types of repairs needed to go to the Lab or repair person at the branches.  Would perform repairs on spot if possible.



Adjustments should be made with the correct tools and eyewear checked for a comfortable fit.  Poor quality frames or questionable brands should not be accepted for adjustments.  Patients should sign a disclaimer form for any risky adjustments.


Repairs should be assessed before accepting.  Poor quality or questionable brand frames should not be accepted.  Patients should sign a disclaimer form for any risky jobs accepted. 





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