Utility/Maintenance Officer - Welding


1. Job Function

The Maintenance Officer is responsible for maintaining and repairing physical structures of buildings and maintaining the company’s premises.  All activities must conform to organizational guidelines and standards and to all legal requirements.

2. Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1. Maintains and repairs buildings’ plumbing and electrical systems, including replacing worn or defective parts such as switches and fuses

2. Maintains and repairs work parts of building

3. Designs and builds wooden structures such as shelving, cupboards, etc.

4. Assists other departments with moving furniture and unloading and storing supplies

5. Maintains cleanliness of grounds cleans buildings, windows and car park areas

6. Notifies management of any repairs or maintenance work to be done

3. Personal Attributes

  • Industrious
  • Well organized
  • Proactive

4. Qualifications and Experience

  • 3 CXC passes including English and Mathematics
  • Four (4) years experience in a similar position
  • Certification in masonry, plumbing or electrical

    5. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Good communication skills
    • Able to multi-task
    • Able to work with little supervision

    Applicants must possess a welding certificate.

    Please send your resume to




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