Wholesale Sales Representatives/Driver job description:


      1)      Selling and managing companies products to retailers and contractors ( the customers)

2)      Spend much of their time traveling to and visiting with current customers and prospective buyers. During a sales call, you discuss the client's needs and suggest how our company products can meet those needs.

3)      May show samples or catalogs that describe items that we provides, and inform customers about prices, availability, and ways in which these products can save money and boost productivity and retail sales.

4)      Must be able to listen to the customer’s needs and concerns before and after the sale.

5)      Delivery of our products to customers


- 25 years or older 

- Drug Test and background check may be needed 

- Experience in sales 

- Clean drivers record


Please send resume with picture to:

HR Manager

21 Marli street

Newtown, Port of Spain





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