Cardiovascular Technician Trainee


Job Function:-

The Cardiovascular Technician is responsible for performing diagnostic procedures and for the completion of relevant reports.  All activities must conform to professional guidelines and standards and to all legal requirements.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:-

1. Prepares and screens patients for procedures and explains steps in process to obtain              cooperation reassures patients

2. Sets up equipment for procedures and monitors activity

3. Assists patients into position to conduct diagnostics or begins therapy and provides              wheelchair assistance

4. Monitors patient-tolerance during procedures

5. Alerts senior nursing personnel to instrument readings outside normal ranges during            procedures

6. Performs procedures such as, but not limited to, spirometry tests, bone density scans,            EECPs, PVR studies, 24hr BP and Holter monitors, stress testing etc.

7. Oversees the movement of equipment for procedures e.g. vividI

8. Prepares diagnostic reports for interpretation by the doctor

9. Cleans and sterilizes instruments and equipment and maintains stock of supplies

10. Answers the telephone/ intercom and provides information or relays messages                      between patients and medical staff

11. Performs related work as directed by the appropriate Authority

Personal Attributes:-

Detail oriented
Team player

Qualifications and Experience:-

Five (5) CXC passes including Mathematics and English, Biology and Chemistry 
Degree in Biomedical Engineering or related certification
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
Two(2) years experience 

5. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:-

Good written and oral communication skills
Strong conceptual and analytical skills
Good administrative skills 
Attention to detail and accuracy 
Ability to multi-task and prioritize duties and responsibilities
A sincere interest in and empathy for the health of patients

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