Registered Nurse


1. Job Function:-

The Registered Nurse is responsible for supporting the Manager Nursing Services to perform general nursing activities.  Work involves administering medicines, assisting at operations and other similar duties in the care and treatment of patients; some supervision is exercised over sub-professional staff such as clinical nurses, medical technicians or other workers engaged in the care and treatment of patients.  Duties are performed in accordance with established rules and regulations, standard practices of the profession and in accordance with detailed instruction from a professional superior, who reviews work for the maintenance of standards and adherence to instructions.

2. Principal Duties and Responsibilities:-

1. Perform general nursing duties such as taking temperatures, pulse and respiration, blood pressure; obtain sputum, urine, blood and other specimens for laboratory examination. 
2. Assists in supervising and instructing all assigned Clinical Nurses and Medical Technicians as guided by Nursing Manager.
3. Assists in the management of Nursing Services in all CVA branches to ensure that DDA drugs are accounted for.
4. Upkeep company protocols and policies.
5. Takeover clients from previous shift and give over pertinent information.
6. Accompany doctors when required on shift and document comments, treatment, and findings, and update doctors on client status (general condition of clients).
7. Assess emergency patients and initiate nursing intervention in emergency cases.
8. Administer medication as prescribed; accompany patients in ambulance for various diagnostic investigations and transfer to other hospital.
9. Apply nursing principles and techniques during care of client checks and record the administration of medications and treatments and prepare other reports as appropriate during assigned shifts.
10. Make continuous assessment, evaluate client status and administer therapy/counsel as ordered.
11. Keep watch over patients with special emphasis on their behaviour and observe patients to detect any changes from normal conditions and prepare reports.
12. Supervise patients engaged in occupational and recreational therapies.
13. Perform daily dressings as ordered, supervise and serve diets.
14. Ensure intravenous (IV) fluids are given as ordered.
15. Ensure critical patients are regularly monitored e.g. vital signs taken.
16. Carry out instructions given by doctors accurately and appropriately.
17. Clean and sterilize instruments and dressings.
18. Perform routine patient care activities such as making beds.
19. Administer holistic care to client.
20. Be an advocate for patient rights inclusive of educating and counseling patients and relatives about illness and treatment and about rehabilitation programmes
21. Manage department ensuring that shift work is completed and order stock and equipment for departmental use.
22. Insert nasogastric (NG) tubes and administer blood and total parenteral nutrition (TPN).
23. Keep inventory of equipment delivered to Nursing Services in all CVA branches.
24. Maintain standard of practice inclusive of implementing nursing care plan and code of conduct.
25. Use conflict management skills to resolve conflicts with staff/clients.
26. Perform related work as required by the appropriate Authority.

3. Personal Attributes:-

Customer oriented
Able to multi-task
Team player
Strong communicator
Critical thinker

4. Qualifications and Experience:-

Training as evidence by the possession of a certificate in General nursing from a recognized                  School of Nursing.
Associate Degree in Nursing Education.
Five (5) CXC O’levels subjects inclusive of Mathematics and English Language.
Registered with the Nursing School Council of Trinidad and Tobago in General Nursing and                  Midwifery 
At least three (3) years training in a recognized school of Nursing

5. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:-

Good supervisory skills
Able to organize
Able to work in a fast-paced environment
Knowledge of General Nursing theory and practice.
Knowledge of Hospital Rules and Regulations.
Some knowledge of material medical, house-keeping, personal hygiene and bedside nursing.
Ability to administer detailed therapeutic prescriptions.
Ability to apply nursing techniques to routine and complex patient care situations.
Ability to maintain a sympathetic attitude toward and effective relationships with the mentally and physically ill.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public.
Must be mentally and physically fit.

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